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Hello and welcome to the website of the Military Vehicle Trust.


We are now officially, the worlds largest military vehicle club and the only charity dedicated to keeping our mechanical veterans alive..



We are a charitable organisation dedicated to the conservation of ex-military vehicles.

Many of our members look after and restore a wide range of  ex-military vehicles with origins in both the UK and overseas and from pre World War one to the present day. They include the well-known jeep, tanks, transporters, lorries, ambulances, cars, Land Rovers, motorbikes, and even the humble folding bike.

You can contact the MVT by Email or telephone using our call handling service Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. 


There is a network of 33 local MVT areas throughout the country (please see the interactive map ) where like-minded people meet up, enjoy the hobby and offer mutual support to one another. They organise meetings, social events, outings and events  and many are active on social media. Please see the interactive map below to find one near you.


As many of our members are ex-services, we have close ties with ex-servicemen's associations. In particular many areas have close involvement with the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal with members and their vehicles supporting the collection points. 


MVT members pay particular attention to the authenticity of vehicles, equipment and displays. Our events are of educational value for members of the public and we try to ensure that the younger generations are aware of our heritage and the debt we owe to all branches of the armed forces. All members are proud of the standard of their vehicles and this is reflected in the frequent requests for vehicles for film and TV work.


The MVT and its members attend and organise a variety of shows both big and small across the U.K., see our Events Calendar, and even into Europe in 2019 for the 75th D Day Tour back to the beaches where it all happened in some of the vehicles who actually landed there in 1944 for real! We are extremely proud as a registered charity to help and support our veterans in returning to the beaches on which they fought for our freedom and the freedom of the whole of Europe in 1944 - 1945. By our presence with the vehicles we cherish we help to educate and inform the people who attend about what happened there in 1944  to 1945 and the debt of gratitude we owe to all who fought for us to be free today.

Clean Air Zones Legislation is a Danger to our Hobby !

The MVT are running a campaign to help save our hobby from being priced off the roads of the U.K. forever. If you want your kids and grand kids to be able to pursue and enjoy our hobby then act NOW and don't leave it to someone else to do, it will be too late by then!

Please read the article on clean air zones to see what is happening and then print off the MVT Campaign letter and send it to your Local MP and Councillors to let them know the impact this flawed legislation will have on your hobby and your right to pursue it. It will take you 5 minutes but it could preserve our hobby for ever !

Latest MVT Covid 19 Lockdown Policy as from Febuary 4th 2021


As a charity and a responsible public organisation, we have a duty to continue to ensure our members abide by Government advice and we keep the safety of our members and the public paramount.  Although lockdown restrictions are changing regularly, the core guidance has not changed the MVT‘s existing policy regarding the organisation of Area Meetings and public events; they continue to be suspended until further notice as does Vehicle Verification.


As the roll out of the vaccines gathers pace and more and more people receive their injections does not mean we can lower our guard, far from it. It is essential we continue to follow the Government and the four Nations guidelines during the lockdown and the tier restrictions.


We know our vehicles create a stir where ever they go, so let’s be vigilant and follow the MVT’s Code of Conduct and behave in a thoughtful and responsible way. To take your MV out just for the sake of it is not classed as an essential journey, but if you use choose to use your MV to go for your weekly shop to give it a run that is within the guidelines.


The Council of Management ask all members ‘Stay home, save the NHS and save lives’, not just for yourself but for everyone else.


The arrangements for local area lockdown/Tier restrictions and the related Government guidance are being updated regularly.

Please check for the current Government guidance and any local arrangements at all times using the link below.

The MVT is a Registered Company No. 02226906

Registered under the Charities Act 1960 No. 327768

Address: MVT, PO Box 1405, Northampton, NN1 9EY


All site content is copyright MVT Material and may not be

reproduced or used for any purpose except by written

permission of the MVT

© Copyright the MVT
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