Changes to Membership Renewal Reminders

A majority of our members now pay by Direct Debit (DD) which means that you do not have to remember when your renewal is due as the money is automatically collected from your Bank Account. The DD comes with various guarantees including your right to cancel via your Bank at any time and the Trust is also able to cancel a DD if you let us know. If you can, this is the preferred method of payment as it saves the MVT considerable expense and helps to keep your membership fees down.

However, there are of course those who still wish to pay by Card, cheque or postal order. Members can find their renewal date on their Membership Card, and this date is also printed on the Address Sheet with each issue of Windscreen. In order to reduce costs no further Renewal Reminders will be sent out after this issue to those of you who renew each year. (This does not affect those paying by Direct Debit, Life Members or Complimentary Members who do not need to read further.)

With the Windscreen, the Address Sheet gives details of your membership renewal on the top line, beginning “Ref”. The first number before the slash (/) is your membership number. If the wording “Renewal Due” appears, then the date that follows is your renewal date. If next to that date the words “NOW DUE” appear, then you may not receive the next issue of Windscreen unless you pay before the next magazine is mailed in about two months’ time. If your membership lapses completely, you will receive a letter informing you that this has happened but you can reinstate it by paying quickly, although you may miss a magazine.

Annual membership cards are issued twice a month, around 8 working days into the month and a further 10 working days later, following a renewal payment. It can take up to three weeks for the card to reach the member, depending on when the payment was made in the monthly cycle. If you need your membership card by a specific date, then make sure you renew in plenty of time.

If you need to renew you can do so by Direct Debit (DD) or Card at the Trust’s website at:

Alternatively you may post a DD or a cheque/postal order with the Address Sheet to the Registered Office (do not use old envelopes that you may have retained, as our Registered Office changed to the address on the sheet). There is a DD form on the back of the Address Sheet, as well as a Gift Aid form. If you can complete the Gift Aid form, this allows us to reclaim the income tax you have paid on your subscription.