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Latest Request for information

29 May 2020.

Looking for information on GPW Jeep registration number KWF 58.

Andrew Norman


Dear Mail Call

I'm looking ( have been for 30years ) for any information or possible fate on my late father's GPW. 

An original crate Jeep, first registered in Cottingham East Yorkshire registration number KWF 58.

Please see the attached pictures.


Last known whereabouts at Eldon Hill Quarry Derbyshire part of the Thos W Ward dynasty, Sheffield.


My dad headed and managed departments within this group and Sold the Jeep after being pestered by the quarry manager.


A new company car already on the drive, made the hard decision a tad easier.


It's had a double page article in a military vehicle publication but Sadly no feedback Perhaps your members could help, always worth a punt.


I attend the annual Chatsworth country show most years and naturally took great delight in savouring a modest selection of military


vehicles... Especially the Jeeps. I can recall spotting one away from the line up, I'm quite sure the registration number was very close


to KWF  !!


Thanks in advance Andrew.





























22 January 2020.

Looking for information on Hotchkiss Jeep registration number JSJ 460.

Angus Wolfendale


Dear Mail Call

I am Wanting to contact first UK owner of Hotchkiss Jeep registration number JSJ 460 to learn about its release from the French Military and any other history.

Many thanks Angus.




12 October 2019.

Looking for information on DKW Munga vehicles as used by the RAF in Berlin between 1960 to 1975.

Ullrich Märker


Dear Mail Call


I’m looking for information and pictures of DKW Munga vehicles as used by the RAF in Berlin between 1960 to 1975, also I would like to contact anyone who owns a DKW Munga vehicle as I am compiling research on this vehicle type and would love to receive any information and photos anyone has of these vehicles.

Many Thanks Ullrich

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28 August 2019.

Looking for information on a Humber box parts manual?

Ben Hawkins


Dear Mail Call


I’m looking for a copy of the Humber box parts manual ?  Also any information anyone might hold on the Humber Scout car.

Many Thanks Ben

28 August 2019.

Looking for information on a Thornycroft AC4/1 4 cylinder 5.1 litre engine?

Brian Mackenzie


Dear Mail Call


Does anyone have or know where I might find a Manual covering the Thornycroft AC4/1 four cylinder, 5.1 litre engine. I have a 1953 Thornycroft airfield tender (ex Royal Australian Navy).

Many Thanks Brian

05 August 2019.

Looking for information on Extended European vehicle insurance cover?

Kevin Jones


Dear Mail Call


Does anyone know of an insurance company that will insure our 1944 Jeep for extended European cover for up to a year at a reasonable cost as we intend to leave it in Europe if possible?

Many Thanks Kevin

25 March 2019.

Looking for information on a wiring loom for a Chevrolet C15a with a 12 cab.

Shaun Mccourt


Dear Mail Call


I own a 1941 Chevrolet c15a with number 12 cab. I’ve seen only one on the MVT site owned by another member. I need a wiring loom or at least to copy one. Does anyone know of anyone else who has a similar vehicle. Thank you in anticipation of a positive result.

Many Thanks Sean

08 February 2019.

Looking for information on a 1939 Norton 16H Motorcycle

Shaun Pope


Dear Mail Call


Please could you help me with information fo my 1939 Norton 16H, its vehicle No. was 91-YB-96 and its Chassis No. is 36748.


I Would like to know what Numbers to put on the petrol tank of the motorcycle along with any other details as it would have had in 1939.


Any other history of the motorcycle would also be appreciated.

Many Thanks

25 January 2019.

Looking for an early Daimler Scout car.

Peter Cook

Chairman BSA Front wheel drive club.


Dear Mail Call


The BSA Front Wheel Drive Club, of which I am the Chairman, represents the owners of BSA Front and Rear Wheel Drive Cars produced by the BSA Company in Birmingham between 1929 and 1939. The BSA FWD vehicles represented the first Front Wheel Drive vehicles produced in volume in the UK. Production of the three and four wheelers totalled around 10,000 and today some five or six hundred survive world-wide.


This year is the ninetieth anniversary of the introduction of the BSA Front Wheel Drive car in 1929. The BSA FWD Club are marking the event with a rally at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon on the 6th and 7th of July 2019.  We are inviting the owners of BSA motor bikes, Daimler and Lanchester cars. I would also like to find an early Daimler Scout car, which as you may know was designed by the BSA design team before it was moved to Daimlers to allow BSA to concentrate on guns and motor cycles.  The suspension units are very similar to those used on the FWD cars.  If you could point me at any owners of a Scout car I would be very grateful.


I have enclosed a data sheet BSA FWD Cars which you might find helpful together with a piece on the rally. 

Front wheel drive data here

BSA fwd national rally 6th and 7th July 2019. click here