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Request for Budget Policy v3

The Military Vehicle Trust (MVT) Request for Budget Policy is there to help the MVT and its Areas carry out their plans to support the Trust’s charitable objects.

Funds are finite and a request does not guarantee an award will be made.

Except in very special circumstances, requests for budget must be received with supporting information before 1st November each year.

All requests for budget should be made to the MVT Treasurer by email at: Trustees will consider all requests and make their recommendations at the end of the November Council of Management (CoM) meeting. Trustees are required to undertake a large volume of reading prior to the November CoM meeting, so please ensure your request is brief, concise and to the point.

Trustees award requests for budget where they believe its contribution will make a real difference and in doing so, we ask all recipients to act, without exception, in accordance with the Trust’s Code of Conduct.

Our current budget priority categories are:

  1. To promote and encourage the restoration, preservation, display and operation of historic military vehicles of any origin

  2. To preserve historic archives, artefacts and equipment relating to such vehicles, that are of actual or potential historic or scientific importance and educational value

  3. To exhibit to the public such vehicles, artefacts and equipment by means of either temporary or permanent exhibitions and to demonstrate and assist in demonstrating to the public the working and operation of any such vehicles, artefacts and equipment

  4. To provide access to the public of the archive material

  5. To promote subjects relating to the history of military vehicles, and

  6. To raise funds to further the charitable objects of the MVT


Requests for budget will only be considered from:

  • The MVT and its Areas

 Requests for budget will NOT be considered from:

  • Individuals, or

  • Other organisations

Budget purposes, sizes and restrictions

Requests for budget must be for charitable purposes relating to our current budget priority categories and fall into one of the core classifications listed below. Requests for purposes outside these categories and classifications are only permitted at the direct invitation of a Trustee.

Core Classifications:

  1.   Restoration

  2.   Preservation

  3.   Display

  4.   Archives

  5.   Artefacts and equipment

  6.   Education, and

  7.   Raising funds for the MVT

Applicants may make requests for budget towards:

  • Specific projects

  • Development costs, and

  • Core costs

Applicants may NOT make requests for budget towards:

  • Capital expenditure

  • Epeditions

  • Anything promoting extremism

  • Politics, or

  • Projects that promote religion

All requests for budget must be accompanied by:

  • Your organisational structure

  • A business case

  • A budget

  • A recent set of accounts (if applicable), and

  • The amount of budget required

Requests for budget cannot be considered without these documents.

All applicants will receive a response from the Trust whether or not their request for budget has been successful. We normally respond to requests within four weeks of the date of the November CoM meeting.

If your request for budget is shortlisted, you may be asked to provide additional information and Trustees might ask to visit certain shortlisted applicants.

We will consider requests for budget up to £10,000 and budget awards are generally made in a single transaction.

A follow-up report is expected within 10 months of receipt of a budget award. A report need not necessarily be more than two sides of A4 but should include information regarding the number of beneficiaries and what outcomes have been observed. Reports will be kept on file for reference if further requests for budget are made.

In some cases, larger budgets are awarded in instalments, over a period of time, usually on the condition that satisfactory progress reports are submitted at regular intervals.

A list of budgets awarded is available in the most recent Trust’s accounts on the Charity Commission website.