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5 March 2021

Commercial Vehicle Tyre Age


Use of tyres aged more than 10-years on goods vehicles, buses and coaches.

The law on the use of tyres on steering axle or axles of affected goods vehicles, buses, minibuses and coaches on Great Britain’s roads.

15 January 2021– February 2021

Following on from extensive coverage of this topic in  Issues 5 and 6 of the FBHVC Newletter including a summary of the new subordinate legislation,  the DfT have now published their official explanatory guide on gov dot uk.  This gives details of the vehicles affected together with what they need to comply with. There are also links on the webpage to the source legislation.

In summary the vehicles affected are:

  • Goods vehicles with a gross mass more than 3.5 tonnes

  • Buses and Coaches

  • Minibuses, which need to further comply with the tyre page requirements on all axles that are not equipped with twin wheels

So far as the UK historic vehicle movement is concerned, those exempt from the new legislation are vehicles of historic interest not in commercial use defined here :  VHI definition

This means that vehicles in the above affected categories which are less than 40 years will have to comply with the new rules even if historic by the international recognised standard.

Readers may also be interested to read the  updates to the HGV Inspection Manual, updates to the class 6 (PSV) Inspection Manual, updates to the class 5 Inspection Manual, and updated versions of the Categorisation of Vehicle Defects and Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness documents.

We would recommend that all drivers and owners of historic heavy vehicles study these documents; while some are predominantly aimed at fleets, there is useful information both around tyres and other matters in all of them.  We as a movement have a good record on roadworthiness matters and it is in everyone’s interest for this to continue.

Large vehicles used commercially of any age, and large vehicles under 40 years of age regardless of use, are required to comply with the following when on the highway from 1st February 2021:

  • Front axle(s) tyres to be less than ten years old (it is defined as a Dangerous fail if they are over, or a Major fail if the date code is illegible).  Front axles means any steered axle in the front half of the vehicle.

  • Rear tyres to have their age marked (can be any age, but there must be a date mark) with a minor defect (formerly described as advisory) if the date codes are illegible.  There is also allowance to be given if dates are on the inner face of a pair of twin wheels, but this should not be regarded as an invitation not to comply.

  • A minibus for tyre age purposes is any vehicle with 8 or more passenger seats, and includes the likes of the Land Rover Station Wagon, various limousine-type vehicles, as well as the more typical minibuses derived from vans like the Ford Transit or Bedford CF. Minibuses are required to comply with the tyre age regulations on all axles that are not equipped with twin wheels, i.e. the above paragraph for front axles also applies to a single wheel rear axle of a minibus.

We remind readers that tyre date codes are four numbers, the first two of which are the week and the last two are the year, so 5210 is the end of 2010 and 0411 is the fourth week of 2011, tyres with either of these date codes being too old for the front axle from 1st February 2021.  A three digit tyre code with a triangle nearby denotes a tyre from the 1990s, example 527 is the last week of 1997 and a three digits without a triangle is the 1970s or 1980s.

Enforcement can occur both at presentation for annual test or during a roadside encounter.  For those with an operating licence, this could also include an unannounced visit to your premises.

To the owners of vehicles that the tyre age requirements do NOT apply to, we would remind that everything else about tyre roadworthiness does apply to you and your vehicles, and that some kind of periodic assessment/documentation of tyre condition would be prudent. You also risk voiding your insurance policy if your vehicle is deemed unroadworthy following an accident.

Should there be any further developments around this topic, we will respond accordingly on behalf of the historic vehicle movement.




5 March 2021

FBHVC clarifies the introduction of E10 petrol for historic vehicle owners.

After an extensive consultation process, the Department for Transport has announced that they will legislate to introduce E10 petrol as the standard 95-octane petrol grade by 1 September 2021. They will also require the higher-octane 97+ ‘Super’ grades to remain E5 to provide protection for owners of older vehicles. This product will be designated as the ‘Protection’ grade.

The introduction of the 95-octane E10 grade and the maintenance of the Super E5 protection grade will be reviewed by the Government after 5 years to ensure they remain appropriate to the needs of the market. In relation to the E5 protection grade, such a review will examine market developments over the period. HM Government have sought to reassure FBHVC members and historic vehicle owners that, without a suitable alternative becoming available, it is highly likely the Super E5 protection grade would continue to be available.

Filling stations that stock 2 grades of petrol and supply at least one million litres of fuel in total each year, will need to ensure one product is the Super E5 protection grade. While not all filling stations meet these criteria, almost all towns across the UK will have a filling station that supplies the ‘Super’ grade and currently one major retailer, a national supermarket group, has committed to offer the product. The main exception to this is in certain parts of the Highlands, north and west coast of Scotland, which will be covered by an exemption process and allowed to continue to market the 95-octane E5 grade.

The Federation therefore recommends that all vehicles produced before 2000 and some vehicles from the early 2000s that are considered non-compatible with E10 - should use the Super E5 Protection grade where the Ethanol content is limited to a maximum of 5%. To check compatibility of vehicles produced since 2000, we recommend using the new online E10 compatibility checker: 

It should be noted that some Super E5 Protection grade products do not contain Ethanol as the E5 designation is for fuels containing up to 5% Ethanol. Product availability varies by manufacturer and geographical location and enthusiasts should check the situation in their location.




18 November 2020


Action needed by YOU NOW.

Please read the article on the proposed Clean air zones legislation, which if not amended will price our hobby off the roads in the U.K. fore ever !

If you want to continue to drive your Military vehicle to shows or go on road runs without having to fork out hundreds of pounds each day for simply driving it then read the article and print off, fill out and post the MVT Campaign letter to your Local MP and Councillors to let them know how this flawed legislation will stop you enjoying your hobby.

This Legislation if not amended to make exempt our vehicles will also prevent your kids and grand kids from taking up and enjoying our hobby as well, so do it for yourself and them it will only take you five minutes to print it off, fill it in and put in the post box but it could safe guard our hobby forever.


5 August 2020

What not to do while drunk on ebay in Spain.

By Lance Parsons MVT Member.

As many a boy did I dreamed of driving a tank and blowing things up. Years rushed by and I never got a chance to fulfil my dream until my children got me a driving experience to drive round in a tank…… The die was cast from the moment I got in a 432 and drove it round a field, my passion was reawakened and the search was on.

Go forward 2 years and while sitting in a bar in Spain I noticed a CVRT Spartan for sale on E-Bay. Not saying the beer had clouded my judgement, but it had. Putting in a bid I was sure would be beaten I sat back and had another beer.

The next day the truth hit me I was the proud owner of a CVRT Spartan my bid had won, now the realisation hit me, I owned a CVRT and knew next to nothing about it, I was in Spain and had no where to keep it………..

What followed was a series of good luck and people going above and beyond. The first was the place the Tank was stored in, and Dale of Heywood tanks agreed to keep the Spartan in their yard until I could arrange a place to move it to. The next was the seller Rob who has since become a firm friend and one of the people that are really larger than life. Not only had this man sold me his Spartan he invited me up to learn how to drive a CVRT by driving his Scorpion round an industrial estate at night. Rob then sorted a couple of issues and loaded the Spartan on to a lorry to bring it south, to where I had managed to get a secure parking space.


While searching for secure parking I had been talking to the MVT and DVLA and Bovingdon Tank Museum and Coventry Transport Museum and Alvis and BAE systems and lots of other people trying to get the Spartan registered for the British roads. This help ranged from above and beyond (the Library staff at Bovingdon) to someone at DVLA telling me that I would not be able to drive the Spartan on the public road. After 4 months of effort my V5 arrived for my 1980 Spartan.


The Spartan arrived at lunchtime and I was there waiting for it. The driver reversed in to the car park and started to un-strap the Spartan. People had gathered to see the arrival, I am sure most could not believe I had actually been so mad. I climbed on the lorry, I climbed into the driver’s seat in the Spartan, and more people arrived. Then it struck me, I could not remember how to start it… PANIC!!!!!!


I am sat there the lorry driver has finished and now joined the crowd and the crowd has gone into a quiet expectant hush, and I can’t remember how to start it. In my defence I had only started a CVRT once 4 months before. What followed next, looking back at it, was so strange. I sat in the seat looking at the controls willing myself to remember, I know I will call Rob, no answer - Panic getting worse, Call Dale, no answer - Panic through the roof, the crowd is getting restless. Then somehow I remembered Rob had sent me a text with instructions in it on how to start the thing…….. So easy when you know how, following the instructions in a text and she burst into life. Driving her off and into a space was so easy (thank goodness). And turning her off, handbrake applied, I jumped out to a round of applause. And relief like no one would believe.


Once she was here and the news spread I started to get a few phone calls, an ex officer of mine from the Ambulance service told me he used to drive Spartans and that a friend of his was down from Scotland and used to be a driving instructor on Spartans. That evening they turned up to view her and as chance would have one of them had served in the Squadron where the Spartan had seen service, so that evening we took a few pictures of them with the Spartan. Within days I was contacted by the driver of my Spartan while she was in service. He (Hugh) has also become a friend and as soon as lockdown is over is coming for a visit. I have also been very lucky in meeting Chris who was a driver in the forces and has helped teach me all sort of things from daily to checks, to how (very long list).

Since she has been with me, we have been lucky enough to do a few events and even luckier to have met another Paul (and son) who owns a Landy, and is very good at arranging things to happen. Like a 7 vehicle convoy to a local festival or an outing to a military day at a local airfield, or for finding some help to remove the cupola for me to find out why it did not turn and even more importantly, once I had sorted out the 150 odd bearings, helped to put it back on.


I am learning more every day with a great deal of help from other owners/ ex service personal and people interested in military vehicles and even though sometimes I can feel there eyes rolling as I ask yet another silly question they have yet to let me down.

She is slowly coming together with more work still do to. I am hoping that as soon as lockdown is over I will be invited to take her down to the Cold War Museum near Alton where there is a large area of ground to let me drive her around and generally play in.










Updated MVT Covid19 lockdown policy as from July the 14th 2020.

As a charity we have to abide by Government advice and keep the safety of our members and the public paramount.  Although lockdown restrictions are changing regularly, the core guidance has not changed the MVT ‘s existing policy regarding the organisation of Area meetings and public events - they continue to be suspended until further notice.


However, in the light of some of the changes in the restrictions, members are able to attend outdoor events organised by recognised institutions like Museums, Councils etc., where Risk Assessments have been made and Covid19 Government Guidelines are adhered to. This also applies to road runs and below you will see the MVT’s recommendations to keep the public and you safe.


We all know our vehicles are high profile and draw immediate attention where ever they go, so let’s behave responsibly and follow the MVT’s Code of Conduct.


‘Stay Alert’.


MVT guidelines for those taking part in outdoor events (14/07/2020).

  1. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (a cough, temperature or lack of taste or smell) do not participate in the event.

  2. If you develop symptoms after the event follow government track and trace guidance and notify the organiser.

  3. Follow government guidelines regarding good hygiene including regular hand washing.

  4. Observe the Government recommendation to socially distance keeping 2m apart or if not possible 1m+ alongside mitigating measures such as wearing a face covering and not facing each other.

  5. On a road run, keep stops to a minimum.

  6. Vehicles should be crewed by people from the same household.

  7. Observe any Local Lockdown regulations or National Restrictions that override this guidance.

  8. Members should carry facemasks, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser to be used in an emergency or to comply with guidance at establishments visited.

  9. The organiser must keep a record of the name and contact details for each person participating for use in event of tracking and tracing being required, and those details are to be kept in accordance with the MVT Data Protection Policy.

  10. All participants must be mindful that they are representing the MVT and therefore the MVT’s Code of Conduct must be observed.


The arrangements for the easing of the lockdown and the related Government guidance are being updated frequently. Please check for the current Government guidance and any local arrangements at all times.

Simon Johnson

MVT Chairman




30 June 2020

The Work Carries on.

We are living in strange times at the moment and nothing is as it was or will ever be again once C-19 has gone away.

Here at the Management Committee ( MC ) despite not being able to meet up for our usual formal meetings to discuss the running of the MVT Trust in person, we are now embracing technology and using video conferencing to continue to meet up and run the MVT for you our members.

After a little bit of getting used to we are finding it very helpfull in continuing to keep on top of the ever increasing amounts of Government red tape that impacts on our Hobby. So the work carries on in the background keeping our Hobby ready for when this is all over and we can take our vehicles out again and go to shows and be proud we are Members of the Largest and Oldest Military Vehicle Club in the World, the MVT.

The only good thing to come out of this lockdown is the amount of time, although enforced, that we can now devote to finishing off those restorations we have never quite finished, no excuses now............. i'm off back to the workshop to do more Jeep jobs, strange how the list of jobs never gets any smaller though??

30 June 2020

Updated MVT Covid-19 lockdown policy as from July the 4th 2020.

As a charity we have to abide by Government advice and keep the safety of our members and the public paramount. 


Although lockdown restrictions are changing regularly, none so far have altered the MVT ‘s current policy regarding the organisation of official meetings and events - they continue to be suspended until further notice.


As tempting as it might be to organise an official run out or meet up with fellow MVT members, no matter how casual or coincidental, this kind of activity is still in breach of the Government guidelines (as an organised event), and therefore the Trust cannot sanction such activities. If you choose to go shopping or commute to work (as long as your vehicle insurance allows it) in your MV then that is not a problem, but no gatherings should be organised, because it is against the current Government Guidelines on numbers and social distancing.


We all know our vehicles are high profile and draw immediate attention where ever they go, so let’s behave responsibly and not make their presence felt even more by travelling or gathering in groups. Such un-official activities invalidate any MVT insurance, as such events cannot be condoned by the Trust.


We extend our sympathies to members’ families who have lost loved ones during the pandemic. Please abide by the current guidelines and any changes that are made in the coming weeks.

Please Stay Safe.

Simon Johnson

Chairman of the MVT




2 June 2020

Coronvirus C-19 latest update.

The MVT’s continued Covid-19 lockdown policy in light of the lifting of some restrictions.


Although lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted, none so far have changed the MVT ‘s current policy of lockdown. Meetings and events are suspended until further notice.


No matter how tempting it might be to organise a run out or meet up with fellow MV owner, no matter how casual or coincidental, these are still not a permissible event under the Government’s current policy.


Although you can now meet up in small groups the deciding factor is that it can only be from two households, which translates to your household and one other, not yours and two other households.

We have said before, and we will say it again, our vehicles are high profile and so draw immediate attention where ever they go. This makes us susceptible to scrutiny and as such we need to be squeaky clean so that anything we do does not bring the MVT into disrepute.

We appreciate the frustration at not being able to do what we would like to, but we cannot break the rules just because someone else has. So please remain at home and only venture out if necessary and as the Government says ‘Stay Alert’ and follow the guidelines.

Simon Johnson Chairman MVT

21 May 2020

Help for Veterans website Launched

When a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or SF Soldier leaves the services whether through ill health, injury or end of service it can come as a very big shock returning to civy street.

Everything you knew or had has suddenly vanished and you are left to fend for yourself in this alien world were no one gives a dam about where you’ve been or what you’ve seen or done for your country.

This is why so many Ex Forces personnel end up on the streets with no home to go to or work to find, and our WW 2 veterans can end up living in poverty alone except for the frequent nightmares of what they went through.

The MVT was contacted by Lisa Manners who came across the MVT website while doing research on the internet for help for her grandad who is a Veteran himself to put together a guide for Ex Forces Personnel to help them through the maze of Government and Charitys who can offer help, advice and asistance to all Ex Forces Veterans no matter how old you are or what war, conflict or service you did.

Lisa’s website can be found by clicking on this link

It is full of great contacts for virtualy everythink under the sun, but if you come across another great charity or resource which you think would be of use then please email the details to the website manager at

and I will pass them on to Lisa to include in her guide, the MVT is always proud to support our Veterans as a lot of our members are Veterans themselfs and we Honour them and their memory by restoring the Vehicles they used in service of our Country and other Countrys around the World.


A big thank you to Lisa for doing this from all our Ex Forces community.




2 April 2020

Old Soldier’s Lifetime Wish Realised

A Kent charity working to make a reality of the dying wish of an old soldier is close to achieving its goal.


A feature length documentary made by award-winning filmmaker Peter Williams is close to completion and will be premiered later this year.


The film is being released by The Hill 112 Memorial Foundation, which is continuing the work of Albert Figg, part of the liberating army that secured a vital strategic site as the Allies moved south through France following the D-Day invasion of 1944.


The battle for Hill 112, just outside Caen, was long and bloody, costing the lives of more than 7,000 Allied soldiers over a 10 week period as the two sides fought to gain control of this critical part of the landscape.


Albert Figg, a Sergeant Gunner with the 112th Field Regiment during the campaign, worked tirelessly towards the end of his life to create a permanent memorial on the hill to men from the 43rd Wessex, 53rd Welsh, 15th Scottish and 11th Armoured Divisions who confronted six SS Panzer divisions in brutal and costly battles.


That memorial now features a Churchill tank, a 25-pounder field gun, a statue of an infantryman and 112 trees in the shape of a cross, creating pathways of remembrance for relatives.


With the memorial close to completion, Albert’s dying wish was that memorial should be finished and a documentary film made to tell future generations of youngsters about the supreme sacrifice made by so many in defeating Fascism. He asked award-winning filmmaker Peter Williams if he would do this for him.


The film, which is being released this summer, incorporates filmed interviews with 20 of the veterans who took part and has been a labour of love for Peter, who met Albert on a number of occasions and is himself a member of the Hill 112 Memorial Foundation committee chaired by Albert’s daughter Annette.


The film will help to raise funds to provide a viewing platform that will allow visitors to gain a better understanding of the battle and its strategic significance, finally making Albert Figg's dream a reality. The charity is meanwhile continuing to appeal for funds to pay for the film’s creation.


A Canterbury Tale; The Battle for Hill 112 will be premiered at The Studio at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre later this year and will then be used to entertain and inform audiences and raise funds for the foundation. Supporter groups in Wales and in Scotland, home to many of those who fought in a variety of Allied regiments and units, will also be organising special screenings.


The Foundation, which has the backing of Appeal Patron His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO, is looking to make contact with the relatives of those who fought on Hill 112 and is also keen to hear from groups that would like to screen the documentary-length film. Donations towards completing Albert’s long-held ambition are also welcome.


For more information see









25March 2020


MVT Area meetings and Vehicle Verification Coronavirus update.


Following the Government announcement on Monday the 23rd of March 2020, the temporary suspension of all MVT Area meetings will be extended indefinitely. The suspension will last until the crisis has passed and the restrictions imposed are lifted by the Government.


As a consequence of these new tougher restrictions the Vehicle Verification service has been revised to protect members and inspectors alike, so no vehicle inspections will take place for the duration of the restrictions. However Richard Adams, who runs Vehicle Verification Service, will continue to help members with their first time registration applications where he can, and for as long the DVLA feels it can continue to accept new applications.


The MVT will continue to monitor the situation and Government advice and will advise accordingly.


Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

18 March 2020


AGM 2020           POSTPONED

Due to the rapid escalation of developments with the spread of the Coronavirus,  the MVT’s Management Committee have taken the decision to postpone the AGM and Area Secretary's meeting that was due to be held in Coventry on Sunday the 5th of April.

We will announce a new date as soon as restrictions on gatherings is lifted by the Government.

6 March 2020

The FBHVC have today released a press statement on the Governments proposals for the introduction of E10 petrol that is putting 10% ethanol in all petrol, please read this as it affects most of us.

FBHVC E10 petrol press release

22 February 2020

Vehicle Verification Service

The MVT are pleased to announce the re opening of the vehicle verification service with the new verification officer Richard Adams.

20 December 2019

Armour in the Dales 2020

Catterick Garrison North Yorkshire.

The North East Military Vehicle Club is inviting owners of all kinds of Armour to register their interest in the second Armour in the Dales event at the Offroad Training area of Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire on the second Bank Holiday weekend (22nd – 25th) May 2020.

Armoured vehicles of all ages, sizes, tracked or wheeled are welcome to attend. There may be the opportunity for a limited number non armoured vehicles, weighing 4 tons or over, being able to participate.

This event is organised purely for the benefit of vehicle owners and is not open to the public. This gives everyone the chance to drive their vehicles in a way that they may not have had the opportunity to do so before and learn from this experience.

Due to the costs of getting vehicles to the site the donation fees have been kept to a minimum but will allow charitable donations to be made to H4H and the RBL.

The donations are £40 for owners/drivers of the vehicle for the weekend and £30 for each crew member. Camping is free but there will be a charge for caravans of £10 per night (this is Landmarc’s fee).

To register your interest please email

13 November 2019

The Firearms Regulations 2019 to impact on ownership of deactivated weapons.

If you own deactivated weapons for your vehicle(s) and/or militaria collection, then you will need to read and understand the latest legislation that comes in to force on the 12th of December 2019 and act accordingly. If you follow the link you will find the full details of how it will affect continued ownership of deactivated weapons and if you decide to buy, sell or gift deactivated weapons. In essence owners of such weapons will have until the 14th of March 2021 to register their weapons to the appropriate national authority.

The Firearms Regulations 2019.

Much to the surprise of everyone the ‘Firearms Regulations 2019’ was passed in Parliament on the 31st of October.

So what does it mean, and what are the implications? The short answer is that all deactivated firearms must be registered with the appropriate authority by the 14th of March 2021. However there are a few caveats as to how and when you came to possess a deactivated firearm as to when action should be taken to register it.

Any deactivated firearm bought, sold, gifted, transferred after the 12th of December 2019 must be registered before the transfer or as soon as is practical after the transaction. The notification to the appropriate authority must include make, calibre, brand, country of manufacture and serial number. It must also include name and address of the supplier along with the new owner’s details must also be stated, it is the responsibility of the seller/donor, but you will be seen as committing an offence if the seller/donor doesn’t register the transfer and you haven’t notified the authorities.

However if deactivated firearms came into your possession before the 14th of September 2018 then you have until the 14th March 2021 to register those deactivated firearms.

What is not mentioned in the Firearms Regulations 2019 is what if a deactivated firearm came into your possession in the interim period between the 18th of September 2018 and the 12th of December 2019. How this would be dealt with will be at the discretion of the authorities around the country. Reading the regulations it must be taken that they are not afforded the transition grace period of those acquired prior to September 2018 and therefore must be included with those acquired after the 12th of December, which means they need to be registered as soon as is practical.

The Regulation states that in England, Scotland and Wales the appropriate authority to register with is the Secretary of State. In Northern Ireland it is the Department of Justice, but no addresses have been advised to send your notification to.

The penalty for not registering is a fine not exceeding Level One on the standard scale which currently is up to £200 per offense i.e. for each deactivated firearm in your possession. However there is no mention of what will become of the deactivated firearm(s) if you are found to have committed an offence.

Do not forget that the ‘Firearm Regulations 2019’ does not replace existing legislation it is in addition to, so all deactivated firearms being sold, gifted or transferred must be deactivated to the latest EU specifications.

This summary is meant as a guide to the regulations and is for your information, but ultimately it is your responsibility as an owner of deactivated firearms to understand and comply with the legislation.

Follow the link for the full regulations: click here for them

27th September 2019

John Keedwell  obituary

John Keedwell died peacefully at home on Friday 27th September 2019, after a relatively short battle against cancer.

Our thoughts are with Mandy and the family.

John was widely known for his ownership and involvement with historic vehicles and machinery, and joined the Military Vehicle Conservation Groups, as the MVT was known then, back in April 1980. For many years, John was the lead member of the annual military vehicle shows at Berkley Castle, followed by years running national shows at Kemble.

In April 2001 John joined the MVT’s Council of Management, providing guidance on all aspects of running shows and events. Consequently organisers would contact John to ask his advice on various aspects of running a public event, be they large or small.

As legislation moved on, John helped event organisers with risk assessments and then later arranged the first safety trainings via his connections in the traction engine world.


These proved successful and safety training has continued since. Whilst John was often a voice of reason and experience at Council meetings with his dry humour and quiet delivery, his focus in recent times has been to look after and arrange the bookings of the Trust’s publicity trailer and its transport to shows and events up and down the country.

John was one of those early enthusiasts who laid the foundations of the hobby we all know and love today. He will be sadly missed by so many of us involved in the restoration and use of our historic vehicles.

Thank you John.

23 April 2019

The MVT Council of Management have today released a public information sign, in accordance with the updated MVT code of conduct January 2019 17.8.

MVT members may print it and display it next to their vehicle or exhibits so as to forewarn the public of the sometimes graphic nature of war and the exhibits of war.This sign should NOT be altered without the express written permission of the MVT CoM.

A downloadable and printable copy can be obtained by emailing the MVT at

16 April 2019

The MVT are delighted to announce that internationally acclaimed and award-winning historian, writer, and broadcaster JAMES HOLLAND, is our new Patron.


James, a best-selling author of both historical fiction and non-fiction, has presented and written a large number of television programmes and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


On accepting our invitation, James said “I’m extremely flattered, particularly as I’ve long admired what you do.  In short, it would be an honour and a privilege.” 

We look forward to working with him as we continue to promote the MVT as the charity dedicated to keeping our mechanical veterans alive.


To find out more about James Holland, go to or find him on Twitter @James1940.

12 April 2019

Well good news for our members today as by popular choice and great demand the New online MVT Members Club Shop was relaunched today.

To mark this event we have some great summer special offers to be had so click here and get yourself some of the new merchandise.

09 April 2019

Well its that time of year again and on Sunday 7 April the MVT held its AGM at the Coventry Transport Museum in Coventry.

The meeting was opened and chaired by one of our vice presidents Michael Burne.

Big news from the CoM was that we now have a new patron in the form of James Holland  the historian and TV presenter.

Another announcement from the CoM was that we have a new Social Media Manager Will Holmes who will be heading up the MVT's new Facebook presence and other social media platforms.

More good news from the CoM was the return of the club shop, the club shop will be returning this week in the form of an on line shop run for the MVT by our partner company.This will stock a range of bespoke clothing carrying the MVT logo, metal badges and clothe MVT badges are still available from the MVT publicity trailer at most major shows.

Awards and Trophies for this year were presented to;

1. Warwick Offredi Award is presented to the Area  which has excelled during the year and this year it was presented 

   to Mid Lancashire Area.

2. Wilkinson Sword is presented to the owner of the best restored WW2 Allied military vehicle that has traveled the

    greatest distance under its own power to shows, rallies and other events in the UK. This year it went to Chris 

    Morter for traveling 1608 miles in his Humber Box.

3. The John West Memorial Trophy is presented by the Chairman and he awarded it to Bob Lawson for his work

    ensuring the MVT is fully compliant with the new data protection regulations.

4. The Editor’s Cup is presented by the Editor of Windscreen, Ian Young, and he awarded it to Alan Rawsterne, Area  

    Secretary for the West Pennines Area, based on Alan providing a great many articles featuring the work of 

    members within the hobby, various news items and is always on time with his Area Reports.

12 March 2019

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs press release on how Brexit may effect you if you take your vehicle out of the U.K. after March 29th. Please read and act accordingly, better safe than sorry!

12 February 2019

Meet and Greet at Stoneleigh.

Twelve of our hard working Area Secretaries met up on February 3rd at Stoneleigh Militaria for lunch and a chat outside the MVT Publicity Trailer. It was great to hear from so many areas about how members are enjoying events all over the country. We also listened about the challenges faced by area secretaries and the Council of Management will be discussing how we can support areas in the future. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out. 


Boyan Holmes (Area Liaison Officer)

25January 2019

The safety Training day for 2019 has now been confirmed as the 24th March. It will be held at Pheonix House at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. This is the main centre for ex-service peoples rehabilitation in the North of England, run by Help for Heroes. We will be hosted in the recovery centre with a number of training rooms. The Fire Crew from RAF Leeming will be coming over to conduct fire training, there will be Marshaling and hopefully radio skills and first aid training as well.The timings will be 10:00 – 16:00 and the canteen will be open for us, for a very good rate.There will also be the option of a tour of the centre and a tour around the tank training facilities, which as you might imagine are quite big.

If you would like to attend or know more about it please contact Tim Hawkes who is the MVT safety officer by email

22 January 2019

Important Changes to Membership Services, our New Sentinel membership system goes live today!

We have updated our Membership Services to include many new improvements which will make joining and renewing much quicker and easier and will keep us compliant with all data protection and financial security legislation.

  • Members are now able to join or renew by PayPal, credit or debit card or by setting up a direct debit, and sign up to “Gift Aid” either using the new “Sentinel” portal on our website or our new telephone helpline which is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (0333 321 8977). Please help us keep costs down by using the online portal where possible.

  • Using “Sentinel”, members will be able to create online accounts where they check and update data we hold and also make secure payments

  • Unfortunately we cannot continue to accept payment by cheque, as it is cost prohibitive, but members can now pay over the phone.

  • A much-improved regime of communications has been introduced; Members will now receive welcome letter and receipt of payment, followed by their card(s) a few days later, then a reminder 6 weeks prior to expiry date and an expiry notice if membership lapse.

  • Joint members’ minimum age is now 13 (but PPLI does not apply until 16 years of age) and single members minimum age is now 16; we hope this will encourage more young people to join us

  • Our new phone line also offers the option of contacting different members of the MVT Council of Management

14 January 2019

Notice of the Military Vehicle Trust Annual General Meeting.

Notice is hereby given of the Military Vehicle Trust Annual General Meeting AGM, to be held at 1:00 pm on Sunday 7th April 2019 at the Coventry Transport Museum, 16 Hales Street, Coventry CV1 1JD.

All members must produce their valid current membership card to gain entry.

09 January 2019

Robert U'ren from the Devon area MVT sent in this article about Jeep brake linings.

Hooray at last Good Brakes available for willys / hotchkiss jeeps.
The jeep brake shoes / linings supplied these days don't stop as well as the originals did in the war.The repro lining material is designed for modern braking systems with servo or power assistance, a jeep hasn't got a servo booster and the brake lining material doesn't get enough force to grip against the drums, you have to push very hard on the foot pedal to give extra force , this stresses the cylinder seals and your knee joints. Back in the war years the jeeps would stop really well due to the high friction asbestos linings designed to go in these un boosted low pressure jeep brake systems. The way to get good sharp brakes on your jeep nowadays is to have the old shoes re lined with Mintex competition brake linings,this is relatively cheap to do, and you can send the shoes off and get them back in a few days. Now I have a jeep fitted with RF 32 mintex linings, from now on I will be fitting Mintex linings on any Jeep I refurbish so It should stop very well. Also I am not a fan of bonded linings on classic car shoes without the backup of some rivets should the linings come loose, you can contact Mintex direct on 01706363930 or 07889653595.

Thanks Robert very informative for Jeep owners, anyone else out there got any good tips for restoration, send them in ?

06 January 2019

Robert U'ren from the Devon area MVT sent in this article entitled two Old men and some hats.

I am sending in this picture of myself and Nigel Laws from North Devon who dug up an American soldiers Helmet when doing a building job in a garden of a large house on the edge of Woolacombe sands in preparation for a hot tub, this was in June 2017. The digger struck the helmet but stopped as soon as he saw the chrome rim, they also found a couple of American bottles. He brought the Helmet to show me when I told him about the American soldiers Helmet that was left on the barn wall at our farm in 1945. My Grandfather purchased the farm near Slapton Sands after the Americans Had finished using it for the D Day preparation training.My grandmother used the old rusty helmet regularly for fetching in the eggs, I took possession of it 42 years ago when I was 13 and promptly painted it the wrong colour green and hung it on the wall in the tractor shed.Nigel thinks there are many artifacts still buried around Woolacombe and the surrounding area as this was also used as a training area for D day by the Americans.

21 December 2018

Peter Clarke from the South East Midlands area of the MVT has emailed the MVT News to let everyone know that the

the South East Midlands area's famous Roger's Road run will be held on Sunday, January 20, starting at the Red Lion truck stop on the A45 near Upper Heyford, NN7 4DE, at 10:45-ish. This is a new start venue for us and it is just down the hill from M1 Junction 16 between the village of Upper Heyford and Harpole. Please note the Red Lion does not
open until, 10:00 am, but that gives you 45 minutes for your full English! There is a low bridge en route with a height
restriction of 11ft 3ins.Roger promises a long and winding road with a late lunch at the end of it . We'd be delighted if you could join us!

Sounds great hope the weather is good and not too cold.

16 December 2018

Also Launched today on the MVT Website is our New all in one multi functional MVT website contact form. This will replace all other contact forms on the website and bring everything together in one place, making it even easier to contact the MVT.

This is another reason why it pays to be a member of the oldest and largest military vehicle club in the world.

16 December 2018

Launched today on the MVT Website is another free members only benefit called Mail Call.

This is a page on which MVT members can ask for information about their particular vehicle, this can be vehicle history, photographs, technical specs, parts requests or looking for other members who have similar vehicles etc.

Your request will be hosted on the page asking for what ever you want and you can choose to have replies emailed direct to you so you get the information quickly.

This is another reason why it pays to be a member of the oldest and largest military vehicle club in the world.

8 December 2018

Improvements to Membership Services.

We are introducing a new and improved membership service in January 2019. Watch this space for updates…..

  • Every member will have their own personal account set up in the new Sentinel membership service system which will be accessed through our website

  • Members will need to register and create their own account and password so they can access their accounts, so they can join or renew their subscription, or check or amend any data that we hold on them under GDPR 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation) 

  • In response to many requests, we are also introducing a telephone helpline so that members who are unable to pay online can now pay over the telephone. 

  • Payment methods include credit/debit card, paypal or setting up a direct debit, which is our preferred method, as it helps us to keep our costs and therefore your subscription levels as low as possible.  Unfortunately, we can no longer accept payment by cheque as this method has become cost prohibitive; however, you can now pay by telephone.

  • In the future, members will be able to access their PPLI documents in Sentinel - until this feature is introduced, they will still be available via the PPLI portal.

  • We will be sending out more frequent renewal reminders and other communications, especially by email, which is the by far the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method (an email is 1/10 the cost of a letter). To help us do this please make sure we have your current email address as soon as possible by checking and/or amending your details in the new Sentinel membership service system when it is launched.



This is another reason why it pays to be a member of the oldest and largest military vehicle club in the world.

12 November 2018

Coming soon to the MVT Website is another free members only benefit called Mail Call.

This is a page on which MVT members can ask for information about their particular vehicle, this can be vehicle history, photographs, technical specs, parts requests or looking for other members who have similar vehicles etc.

Your request will be hosted on the page asking for what ever you want and you can choose to have replies emailed direct to you so you get the information quickly.

This is another reason why it pays to be a member of the oldest and largest military vehicle club in the world.

10 November 2018

The MVT website launched the latest upgrade to itself today with the release of this our very own new news page the  MVT News.

If you have a news story or article you think other MVT members would be interested in then please send it in with photographs if you have them using the link above.

03 November 2018

The MVT website will be undergoing a lot of changes in the next few months, this is all part of the process of up grading and improving it for the benefit of the membership.

Today the latest change to the website went live, the new interactive MVT area meetings  page with interactive map, which will make it much easier for MVT members and prospective new members to find there nearest area meeting and the contact details of its area secretary. Why not take a look now.

12 October 2018.

Bob Lawson our Data Controller for the Council of Management sent in this article about the changes coming because of the offensive weapons bill 2017-19, thanks Bob.

Offensive Weapons Bill 2017-19
The relevant section after amendments was published on 20th August 2018 for the past hearing 12/09/2018 is listed as Sect. 30.

The bill in bullet points will:

  • create a new criminal offence of selling (both online and offline) a corrosive product to a person under the age of 18 – the substances and concentration levels of what constitutes a corrosive product are set out in the bill

  • create a new criminal offence of possessing a corrosive substance in a public place – there is a defence of possessing the corrosive substance for good reason

  • create new criminal offences prohibiting the dispatch of bladed products and corrosive products sold online to a residential address – the offence for bladed products is limited to those that can cause serious injury and includes defences for made-to-order items and those for sporting and re-enactment purposes

  • create new criminal offences on delivery companies of delivering a bladed article or a corrosive product on behalf of a seller based outside the United Kingdom to a person under 18

  • update the definition of a flick knife and prohibit the possession of flick knives and gravity knives (their sale is already prohibited)

  • amend section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 to make it a criminal offence to possess certain offensive weapons (such as knuckledusters and zombie knives)

  • extend the existing offences of possessing a bladed article or offensive weapon on school premises to cover further education premises

  • amend the legal test for the offence of threatening with an offensive weapon to aid prosecution

  • prohibit high energy and rapid firing firearms and a device known as a bump stock which increases the rate of fire of rifles and provide for compensation for owners of such weapons.


My comment:-
As you can see the Bill is mainly for criminal and terrorist acid attacks, knife attacks and recent new developments in the firearms world like bump stock rifle conversion/designs and rapid fire 50 cal semi auto short actions.
The designed anti-terrorist provisions for high energy guns proposed sections are for things to be added as updates & improvements to compliment existing legislation. From the 1968 Firearms Act, the more than 2 inch barrel diameter, for live firing of blank ammunition in historic artillery definition is not mentioned, this allows at present the issue of a licence as a section 1 firearm and in the legislation is by convention defined and referred to as 'Canon' not rifle.
The Police mention in their 'Bill Impact Assessment' their stated purpose:- " To prohibit the supply and possession of high muzzle energy firearms, bump stocks and certain rapid fire rifles through the exercise of the Secretary of State's powers under section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968." 

My conclusions - mixed bag I'm afraid.
The Bill is not specifically designed for blank firing artillery used by re-enactors, historical collectors . . .  but  
historic artillery may be affected with the usual initial coverall default Bill wording as written at the moment, but eventually interpretation of the law will have to be left to the Police guided by the Home Office with submissions through the courts and experience tells me that Joe Public will not win against an anti-terrorist/crime Bill, so it doesn't look good without further specific amendments via Parliament.

Optimistically the Home Office may give owners of historic artillery a section 5 and provision for blank ammunition only with extra security for keeping, but I have my doubts.  

Alternatively, like much of the recent and forthcoming legislation in several European countries like Germany, weapons may require inspection certificates and all that goes with it like modifications by gas axe to satisfy reduced pressure test results or modified chambers/ barrel liners/actions or with sub calibre inserts etc. But it does look like a substantial change is on the cards. We will not win against the Government where anti-terrorist laws are concerned. This is the time for members to express their opinions on the Bill to their Member of Parliament.
Bob Lawson - MVT Data Protection Officer.

About the author: Bob Lawson, now retired, was a Superintendent of a UK Licensed Explosive factory, a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) for 28 years with a section 5 for 21 years, his businesses owned several live artillery pieces up to 155mm as test weapons and regularly designed and test fired prototype live ammunition.


09 September 2018.

Mike Turner from the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal, attended the September meeting of South Cumbria and North Lancashire MVT to present a Certificate of Award for their fundraising efforts over the past 10 years. They have raised over £60,000 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Dave Salisbury  SCNL MVT Area Secretary collecting the award.

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