Latest COVID C-19 MVT Updates

Updated MVT Covid-19 lockdown policy as from July the 4th 2020.

As a charity we have to abide by Government advice and keep the safety of our members and the public paramount. 


Although lockdown restrictions are changing regularly, none so far have altered the MVT ‘s current policy regarding the organisation of official meetings and events - they continue to be suspended until further notice.


As tempting as it might be to organise an official run out or meet up with fellow MVT members, no matter how casual or coincidental, this kind of activity is still in breach of the Government guidelines (as an organised event), and therefore the Trust cannot sanction such activities. If you choose to go shopping or commute to work (as long as your vehicle insurance allows it) in your MV then that is not a problem, but no gatherings should be organised, because it is against the current Government Guidelines on numbers and social distancing.


We all know our vehicles are high profile and draw immediate attention where ever they go, so let’s behave responsibly and not make their presence felt even more by travelling or gathering in groups. Such un-official activities invalidate any MVT insurance, as such events cannot be condoned by the Trust.


We extend our sympathies to members’ families who have lost loved ones during the pandemic. Please abide by the current guidelines and any changes that are made in the coming weeks.

Please Stay Safe.

Simon Johnson

Chairman of the MVT



Corona virus C-19 Latest update

The MVT’s continued Covid-19 lockdown policy in light of the lifting of some restrictions.


Although lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted, none so far have changed the MVT ‘s current policy of lockdown. Meetings and events are suspended until further notice.


No matter how tempting it might be to organise a run out or meet up with fellow MV owner, no matter how casual or coincidental, these are still not a permissible event under the Government’s current policy.


Although you can now meet up in small groups the deciding factor is that it can only be from two households, which translates to your household and one other, not yours and two other households.

We have said before, and we will say it again, our vehicles are high profile and so draw immediate attention where ever they go. This makes us susceptible to scrutiny and as such we need to be squeaky clean so that anything we do does not bring the MVT into disrepute.

We appreciate the frustration at not being able to do what we would like to, but we cannot break the rules just because someone else has. So please remain at home and only venture out if necessary and as the Government says ‘Stay Alert’ and follow the guidelines.

Simon Johnson Chairman MVT






25th March 2020


Annual General Meeting postponed.


Due to the rapid escalation of developments with the spread of the Coronavirus the MVT’s Management Committee have taken the decision to postpone the AGM that was due to be held in Coventry on Sunday the 5th of April.


The decision has also been taken to cancel the Safety Awareness Days that were to be held on the 29th of March at Phoenix House, Catterick Garrison, and Armourgeddon near Kettering.


Fortunately for us, none of what we do is vital or essential and because of that we feel that it is necessary ask you to temporarily suspend any Area meetings for March and April.


We will closely monitor any guidance given by the Government and relevant bodies and react accordingly to meetings and events planned for later in the summer. It will be a very different kind of year for all of us, to the one we had already planned for. The health and safety of us all is paramount, so please follow any advice from the authorities and stay safe.


Simon Johnson MVT Chairman

23rd March 2020

MVT Area meetings and Vehicle Verification Coronavirus update.

Following the Government announcement on Monday the 23rd of March 2020, the temporary suspension of all MVT Area meetings will be extended indefinitely. The suspension will last until the crisis has passed and the restrictions imposed are lifted by the Government.


As a consequence of these new tougher restrictions the Vehicle Verification service has been revised to protect members and inspectors alike, so no vehicle inspections will take place for the duration of the restrictions. However Richard Adams, who runs Vehicle Verification Service, will continue to help members with their first time registration applications where he can, and for as long the DVLA feels it can continue to accept new applications.


The MVT will continue to monitor the situation and Government advice and will advise accordingly.


Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

Simon Johnson MVT Chairman

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