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You can contact the MVT by telephone using our telephone help line Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm! Simply call 0333 321 8977 and choose from the options below to leave a message for one of our Officers or talk to our Membership handling service option 4, the other options are:


Option 1 for MVT Events and MVT Insurance matters, Tim Hawkes


Option 2 for Administration or Technical matters, Simon Bromley.


Option 3 for MVT Safety matters, John Newbold.


Option 4 to join the MVT or Renew your existing membership. Sentinal.


Option 5 for other existing membership queries, Boyan Holmes.


You can also send each officer an email by clicking on their email address below.


Simon Johnson

Chairman of the Military Vehicle Trust

MVT Trustee



As chairman of the MVT I provide leadership of the Council of Management team which looks after the running of the MVT. I help the team realise and implement changes that we need to make for the smooth operation of the club for the benefit of all members.


I am responsible for guiding the forward planning of the MVT to keep it the thriving club that it is in to the future. I deal with keeping the Trust up to date regarding changes in regulations

governing all aspects of running the MVT. With the input and help of the management committee, I hope we can continue to be the world’s largest military vehicle club.

Tim Hawkes

MVT Events manager and MVT insurance officer

MVT Trustee



Tel 0333 321 8977 option 1

As the person responsible for events and insurance with the MVT it is my responsibility to ensure that our members are safe and professional when attending events and that those members involved with organising events know what they are doing and have the support that they need.  With increasing regulation and personal responsibility I am really keen to make sure that we keep on top of the regulation and that our hobby can continue to be enjoyed without too much red tape.


I have been interested in military vehicles since I was about 9, then my dad’s friend and very early member of the MVT, Dale Johnson, used to take us out in his DUKW and Matador to events.  I was hooked at that point and enjoyed them ever since.  I have a 1943 Willys jeep, and if I had the space and money would probably have more.

Simon Bromley

General Secretary of the MVT


MVT Trustee


Tel 0333 321 8977  option 2


Despite the name, my role as the MVT’s General Secretary, is not really clerical or secretarial. I do, however, “have responsibility for the efficient administration of the Trust”. That includes dull things like maintaining the Trust’s records, along with arranging and minuting the Council of Management meetings and the AGMs. One thing that needs keeping a constant eye on is ensuring that we are always in compliance with statutory requirements, as well as our own Articles and Memorandum of Association.

Whilst that might sound quite grand, I regard my main role as more “General Muggins”, so both the public and Trust members contact me, mainly by email, on the widest range of subjects. This can be anything from a missing Windscreen magazine to asking where they can hire a Sherman tank for a prom night!

But perhaps the best thing about the job is chatting to members and other enthusiasts about our hobby. I can spend hours each week, mainly on the phone, talking to folk.

Peter Hamblin

Treasurer of the MVT

Publications Manager

MVT Trustee



My primary role is that of Treasurer to the Trust and I look after all aspects of the financial management of the Trust, working closely with other members of the Management Committee to safeguard the organisation's finances. I am also one of the trustees of the trust and as a trustee I am  appointed to manage the assets of the trust for the benefit of its beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the trust. As Publications Manager I  also take responsibility for the publication/ print and delivery of the Trust's Windscreen Magazine and all printed material used by the Trust and any of its areas.

Dave Sutton

Website Manager

MVT Trustee



I've been a member of the MVT for over 20 years now and have run a good few military vehicle and steam shows in my time.

As Website Manager I am responsible for running the MVT's website which is continually evolving as we include more content and features which our members can use.

These website features will be invaluable to our members in helping them with their vehicles but will only be available to current MVT members, so if you are not a member now or have expired, why not join the MVT? As after all, we are the oldest and largest military vehicle club in the world.

John Newbold

Safety Officer and Awards Officer



MVT Trustee

Tel 0333 321 8977  option 3


I have been a member of the MVT for 30 years, and I have restored several military vehicles from motorcycles to scout cars.

I have also been the South Cumbria and North Lancs Area safety officer for ten years, and I am now its area secretary.

Safety in our hobby, both for members and the public, has always been important, but in today’s world even more so. However it should not make our hobby impossible with bureaucracy.

A sensible and measured approach is what I and the rest of the Management team strive for.

As awards Officer I administer the Wilkinson Sword Trophy competition and look after the award items themselfs.

Boyan Holmes

Membership Secretary and

Area Liaison Officer



 MVT Trustee                                                               Tel 0333 321 8977  option 5   


As Membership Secretary, I deal with telephone and email inquiries about joining and renewing your MVT subscriptions and any other queries that our members have. I also liaise with our database managers and card providers to ensure our membership systems run smoothly. However, the most enjoyable aspect of my role, involves getting out to meet our members and promote the MVT.  
My role as Area Liaison Officer involves communicating with our national network of areas via our hardworking Area Secretaries to help them in their work representing the Trust at a local level.

If you need help joining the MVT or with anything related to your membership please email me or telephone me on the number opposite.

Ian Young

Windscreen Editor and commercial advertising



As Editor of the Military Vehicle Trust’s magazine, Windscreen, I am responsible for putting together the magazine each month using material supplied by members and contributors together with news items and feature articles. I’ve been involved in publishing for over 25 years now, starting off with military model making magazines before progressing to monthly news stand military vehicle magazines.

I’ve owned a wide variety of military vehicles in that time, including Jeeps, Land Rovers, armoured cars and several unusual vehicles too!

Simon Johnson

Publicity trailer co-ordinator

MVT Trustee



I am responsible for allocating the MVT mobile trailer unit, once the management committee have agreed that the trailer unit would benefit and enhance an MVT show. I ensure our trailer custodian is aware of the booking, I then contact the show site and make sure I have all the up to date paperwork and correct dates,full address of the show and passes to allow us access.Once satisfied I contact the MVT member that has requested the trailer to arrange delivery of the mobile unit, all the information is then passed onto the custodian making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Bob Lawson

Data Protection Officer

MVT Trustee



As Data Protection Officer, I am responsible for ensuring MVT members' personal data is kept safe and secure, by auditing and enforcing internal and external administrative compliance with UK Data Legislation.

Wil Holmes

Social Media Manager



I am the MVT's Social Media Manager. My role is to look after the MVT's social media accounts and create the post on current topics and events.

Currently the MVT has the following social media accounts:


1. Facebook Page (

2. Facebook Group (Military Vehicle Trust - Members Only

3. Instagram (@militaryvehicletrust)


4. Twitter (@MVT1968)

5. YouTube (Pending)

Andy Green

Sales - Wants and None MVT Events Officer


It's easy.I’m responsible for your Online Sales and Wanted adverts together with your Event listings. Our hobby means that we are always looking for kit.The MVT offer a perfect way to buy and sell using the free  website. All you need to do is complete an electronic “Online Contact Form found under the Contact the MVT tab on our website homepage. Simply fill in your details making sure that all the mandatory fields are completed. Remember that a photograph says a thousand words so will help you buy or sell your item quickly. Also if you have an Event that you want to advertise then simply complete the same contact form but tick the Non MVT Events Diary box. You don’t have to wait until spring to get you events advertised, why not get the details on our website early and relax.Remember that everything that goes onto the website will also appear in our quarterly Windscreen Magazine to further increase the audience for your Sales/Wanted or Event listings.


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